"Feel Good About Your Skin & Hair Again"


Not only do we offer a possible solution for skincare, we offer Seminars under Pamela’s brand, La Elice, LLC.

Mental Health Wellness - Become Aware and Well!

There is no other apparatus, no other machine, no other circuitry as intricate as the brain. It controls the entire body. It is the master switch of the entire body. A healthy mind makes a healthy body.  You will learn techniques on how to Reduce Anxiety and Become Stress-Free, so you can improve your overall emotional health.  All of this and have FUN!

Eat Better, Live Longer, Look Younger

Look and feel 5 to 10 years younger.  Did you know that there are natural herbs that can help you appear to look younger?  With a proper diet and exercise, natural herbs can increase the process of a longer and healthier life. There are no magic bullets.  There are no shortcuts.  Life is good to you when you live the good life.  Changing habits, look at them from day to day, don’t let them get in the way.  Set goals you can reach, both short and long.  .  If eating better, living longer and looking younger is your goal, you have no choice but to take better control.  This workshop will also teach some stress-free techniques.  All of this and have FUN! 

Savvy Stewardship

Come and have fun learning how to manage your money!  Join us for a free unique workshop. Topics include budgeting, financial goal setting, credit & how to use it, credit repair and money management. Other add-on topics: credit cards, student loans, scams predatory loans.

Savvy Stewardship - Train the Trainer

During this unique financial training, you will learn the basics of budgeting, credit, money, management, and how to teach these principles to community members. This training includes but is not limited to:

  • Financial goal setting
  • Coaching technique
  • Budgeting
  • Credit and how to use it
  • Other add-on topics: credit cards, student loans, scams predatory loans.

Customized Wellness Seminars/Workshops 

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