"Feel Good About Your Skin & Hair Again"



Under Mask Skincare

Skin care can be a tedious process and can easily fall behind other priorities. While wearing a mask everyday, take the time to give your skin some of the tender love and care that it deserves.

Here are a few tips that you can set to improve your skin during the Pandemic.

• Moisturize more often

Moisturizing keeps the skin looking youthful and keeps the skin from becoming too dry or too oily which can lead to acne. After washing your face or even taking a shower, be sure to moisturize. Some soaps as well as hot water, can strip away the natural oils in the skin, so it is important to replenish the moisture with a moisturizer, such as the natural La Herbal Butter Cream.

• Develop a routine

It is important to find what products are right for you. Once you’ve found what works, develop a schedule for when to use your products and stick with it! Consistency will lead to your desired results.

• Stop touching your face and keep your pillows clean

If you have a habit of touching your face, now is the time to stop! Your hands touch a lot of things throughout the day, and when you touch your face, all of the germs that were on your hands have the opportunity to spread to your face. This causes breakouts! The same goes for pillows. Products that are in your hair can end up on your pillows and products that are on your pillows can end up on your face.

• Eat less junk Food

What you put on the inside can easily show on the outside. Healthier foods and more water in your diet can make all of the difference in your skin.